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In todays digital world appearance and representation have become the principle objectives of a global community. Clothing plays a critical part in the way we narrate our lives. Self cinema is a way of creating awareness whilst we consume, it’s the exposure of what is beyond the appearance. We use Self Cinema to quantify the decisions we make whilst making purchases, and about the garments we wear.

Self Cinema is a Stockholm based contemporary fashion brand focusing on responsible and sustainable accessible high fashion. Created in 2019 by former Heads of Design and Development at Acne studios Samuel Thomas and Anthony Rock. The duo having worked for illustrious brands such as; Prada, Gucci, Burberry & Loewe have built a reputation for quality and style spaning nearly 20 years.

Drawing inspiration from Lower east side Manhattan, Rive Gauche Paris, and the cultural scenes of Stockholm and Copenhagen, Self Cinema is wardrobe for directional and responsible individuals.

Self Cinema, Regeringsgatan 93, 111 39 Stockholm, Sweden

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