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“Necessity is the mother of invention” now it has become more necessary than ever to invent a new and exciting ways to shop and trace our consumption. Here are some of the actions taken by Self Cinema.

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At Self Cinema responsible and sustainable behaviour and action is modus operandi.
We take very seriously our accountability regarding sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and company culture.
Self Cinema was created to champion responsible initiatives within an industry that is notorious for waste, damage and unfair work practices.

All our products are made in factories based in Europe that conform to high standards of labour rights, working conditions and fair pay. We constantly travel to the factories in our network to visit the facilities to see how our products are being made. In Italy we use facilities that are dependant on Solar energy, waste water management and ecological process initiatives.

Our materials are sourced exclusively in Europe, Turkey and Japan. We have carefully chosen material suppliers whom are highly regarded by various international NGO’s for their work in sustainability. Our suppliers carry ECOCERT, SWAN MARK, G.O.T.S, COTTON EGYPT ASSOCIATION, GLOBAL RECYCLING STANDARD & RESPONSIBLE WOOL STANDARD.

We also use recycled metal hardware for our rivets and buttons.
Our garment labels, swing tags and packaging are recycled.

Even whilst covering all we can we are still not fully sustainable, but we remain ready to employ all and any actions and processes we need in order to meet the new and updated challenges regarding sustainability. We will continue to try and innovate where we can and continue to ask the questions that need to be asked in order to make the industry cleaner and more responsible.

We want to be the change we need to see

For more information please check each individual product.

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